“Wonderful movie! I am still moved and crying. And I think it gives some clear messages very well. Messages about the doing and the being of a care giver who is able to create a safe environment for the  husband and for herself. The moments of —– and —– are superb! I want to view the film again.”

Olga Romanillos, “Moving Your Soul – Sharing About What You Have Learned from Alzheimer’s”

“[In the film] these are two people who are married and have dedicated their lives to each other, and she [Margaret] is very good at going with the flow–a very important and necessary skill. She [Margaret] realizes that to stay connected, she must change how she communicates with her husband as he too changes. This film teaches how to do just that; it is a guideline for people living with dementia; teaching viewers that there is hope.”

Sue Blackler, Executive Vice President, Quality of Care & Risk Assessment at The Hearthstone Institute

“I learned much from watching how the women in the film were able to interact to match with what their mates could process.”

Patricia White, Memories From My Life

“First – let me say this is a very eloquent statement of the power of love – and of the challenges of both living with dementia and being a full-time caregiver.  It has a wonderful balance of both positive and difficult moments for both people.”

Margaret Calkins, PhD at IDEAS Institute

“It’s hard to imagine how buckets of love, tenderness, teaching, magic and messages about some of the realities of dementia care might be packed into a mere twenty-two minutes, but somehow screenwriter and producer Evan Bass Zeisel has done the seemingly impossible in his beautiful short film How You Are to Me.”

Susan Macaulay, My Alzheimer’s Story