More Than Just a Film

This is more than a Story about Alzheimer's, it is the Story of the Caregiver that is often overlooked...

The Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures reports that "Unpaid caregivers are usually immediate family members, but they also may be other relatives and friends. In 2013, these individuals provided an estimated 17.7 billion hours of informal (that is, unpaid) care, a contribution to the nation valued at over $220.2 billion. ... Women are 2.5 times more likely than men to provide 'on duty' care 24 hours a day in the late stage of the disease."

This Film has multiple levels working at once:

-How You Are To Me is a film about a couple, one living with Alzheimer's and his wife, his caregiver.

-How You Are To Me is a teaching film -- within the film the caregiver utilizes methods of working with individuals with Alzheimer's that were learned and developed by the team working with Hearthstone Alzheimer Care and Ladder to the Moon during the 3-year Scripted-IMPROV NIH/NIA Clinical Trial. This is not a film telling you the best practices, it is a film that subtly shows those practices in action.

-And yet, How You Are To Me is at its heart a LOVE STORY, between a couple that supports each other through sickness and in health, and shows both the low and high points that come with living with an individual with Alzheimer's disease.

-How You Are To Me is a film about connecting with the person that is often lost behind Alzheimer's and seeing that sparkle in the eye and smile on the lips once more.